Paminklitas are engaged in the production of monuments for more then ten years. The Company has successfully expanded its services and produced a variety of monuments. We offer a variety of types, sizes and shapes of monuments and other accessories necessary to decorate the graves. We strive to provide our services quickly and efficiently.

If you can’t find the right monument from our gallery and you have an idea or vision of how it should look like. We can create a custom design based on what you want. Our experts will help you to find the right monument. The Company works in a variety of fields, our services include all the maintenance of graves, letters forging, casting of foundations, installation and other services that includes working with stone. Monuments made of granite in different colors, so they look beautiful and are resistant to frost and other weather or temperature changes.

Our Company produces counter-tops, fireplaces and other stone products. In addition, we drive across all Lithuania (Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Šiauliai and other cities).

We constantly offer seasonal discounts, so the prices are available to both senior and low-and middle-income customers.



We can offer you custom solutions, to create a project for the installation of the tomb of your visions and ideas.

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